Great Hand Knit Sock Trade  2014


The trade offer for this year is full,

but you can get on a waiting list in case someone drops out.



Here is how it all got started.............

"Years ago I put a notice up on our website newsletter that I would like to trade for some socks... & wow! knitters from all over the world have responded with fantastic quality work."
It said:
"I have done my annual try at making socks, and once again, failed.

I'm a crocheter, weaver, spinner, felter, etc, etc, but...that won't get me a pair of hand knit socks.

Therefore, I want to trade a set of double pointed bronze needles for a pair of hand knit socks. Natural fibers. And my feet are size 10."

I'm so excited!! Unbridled sock lust!








"The best part is that I get to wear them!"


You can email molly for details starting August 1st.

I've gotten wonderful trade offers from all over the world! I have enough for now, but if you want to be on the waiting list please write to me.


     Here are thick purple socks
knit for me by Stephanie Short in Canada.
The pattern is called Husbeast, designed for her husband!
Serious work boot socks, but also very stylish.


  Am I loafing in the smithy? No, just showing off

 these very admirable socks with their Celtic knot design

by Sabine Ruppert in Germany.

Click on the photo to the left and you can see

our 170 pound anvil on which I make

all the knitting needles!



Here are some thick & cozy socks

knit by Louise Mutterperl


"I love the needles.  I've been busy making hats for the holiday season and look forward to returning to my favorite thing....socks."


And a pair by the talented Sannah Konig

from Germany.

Look at those sweet cables!

Here is a view of the back.


Cheri Short made these socks in a Nine to Five pattern with Emerald City yarn.

"I have used the needles and I am so in love with them.  You did a marvelous job."

I will be wearing them to the Land of Oz. Proudly!

Her Ravelry name is softwhite1


Here are Ilona Gehlhaar's fabulous socks

in the Fawkes pattern.

She lives in Germany.

The color is denim. This shows the back.

I can just see her doing these detailed stitches!



Oh look at these!
Hand felted clogs by the brilliant
 Amy Green.
She needle felted the Celtic knots on the tops.
I designed the knots using my paper folding method.
She put on leather soles too. They are both beautiful, original,
and endearingly warm & cozy !


Here Are a pair of Paraphernalia socks from

Jessica Green in Canada.



And here are Petra Preyer's cabled socks.

 She lives in Germany.

These make me whimper with joy.

Close up view.



The Potawanamus pattern was used by

Maria Luihn from Norway.

Here is a view of the back

as I dance along a beach log singing.



Oh my, Marilyn!

Yes, Marilyn Elston knit these from her own pattern

for me from 100% merino yarn.

Here is the close up shot.


These cabley-cozy tall socks were

knit by the talented Petra Lieb from Germany.

She used the Paraphernalia design (a favorite!)

and used Baby Seta Lana Grossa yarn. They are so soft! And here is a close up of the heel and side.


Now here are a romantic pair of socks.

They were knit by Cornelia Kloft in Germany.

On the way to America they had a baby sock!

So cute, and a regular

'chip off the old block'! I mean sock

They are 100% merino, and the pattern is Celtic Chain.



 Here are some lovely socks in the Clover pattern

made by Katrin Ratajczak in Germany.

And here is a close up.



This stunning pair of socks

was knit by Petra Felden of Germany.

The pattern is called John Anderson.

You cannot imagine how terrific these feel to wear!





These wonderful Celtic knot socks were made

by Alison Clayton in the UK


They are made from 100% Merino

Jaeger Matchmaker yarn.

And you know how I love Celtic knots!




These were knit by Rhonda Shipley. Yummm!

Click to enlarge.



These were made by Karen Lane.

 Great socks!!



 This pair was made by Lauri Mraz.

Wonderful pattern, and so squooshy.

click to enlarge



This pair of socks was made by

Sandra Scheugenpflug in Germany.

They are silk and bamboo!

They feel fabulous! And so purple.

This is a thumbnail of the heel. Click to see bigger.


Here are some lovely lavender wool socks in the Vinnland pattern. These were made by Sarah McIntosh.

Her Ravelry name is mac-attack

 And here I am showing the sides of the socks,

twinkle-toed among the autumn crocus.



These were knit by Gisela Vogler in Germany.

They are made of hand dyed merino yarn,

and have a clever little cord

knitted on the cuff to tie the pair together when

washed. Aren't they wonderful?!

Here is a view of the side.



These green cabled socks

were made by Rhonda Shipley.

Nice heels!




Molly and Santha the new lamb    

Made by Shelley Marie Pruett
from 100% Superwash wool.
She won first place and champion ribbons
at her county fair with them!
Oh, lucky me !!! 



 These fabulous cabled socks were

lovingly knit for me by Carol Paul.




Look at the cable pattern running

 down the back.


My feet faint in delight.


    Here is a nice pair!      

This pair is by Karla  Mather-Cocks in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  She calls them her Nature Socks. The ribbing is knit in handspun from merino & alpaca roving dyed by The Fleece Artist

The  two shades of green yarn for the main part of the socks are merino from Lucy Neatby at

What cozy and beautiful socks!!




These terrific cabled socks were knit in cotton

by Patti Weeks. They are sooooo comfy!





 These fine cabled socks were knit by

Deana Gardner.  Bravo!





These green and purple socks were

made by Courtney Hopper.

Purple toes! Such is happiness.



These raspberry cotton cable socks

were knit by Mary McConnaughey.

Aren't they sublime??



"Tidal Wave"

knitted by

 Karen Baker

Pattern: by Southwest Trading Co.

Yarn: 45% Bamboo,

 40% Superwash Merino, 15% Polyamide

These sock Shimmer in the light!

and they are very soft!  



If mermaids had feet,

they would wear these socks!

 Karen's blog




Look at these beauties! Mohair Socks! Knitted by

Sally S. Campbell





I am so happy with this trade

 I did with Dr. Lea Stern,



Opal hand-painted 

wool yarn


Lea Stern's great grandfather was a blacksmith.

And these purple socks are an original design of hers called

 "The Old Forge Flame"

and are made in honor of

blacksmiths everywhere,

but "especially John & Molly, and Lea's Great Grandpa Faulkenstein"

"May your fires  burn brightly!"



  Warm  Heavy Wool!


And these Beauties!


Susan Allig's three!!! pairs of wonderful socks!


 Her moc croc socks.  

Knit on Celtic Swan Forge  knitting needles.


What a great trade!







These were knit by Jo Ellen Burton from

Cherry Hill Farms Supersock yarn,"Dusk"


She says about her

needles, "I love them!

They are absolutely beautiful!

 I love your work!"    And I certainly love hers!!!     

  She is at





Kyra Zuck made these from handspun 100% BFL (Black Faced Leister) wool.

Kyra said, on receiving her needles "They are beautiful! Thank you so much!"

" I always reach for my Molly needles first. I love the sturdiness, the sharp points, and above all, their beauty."




Kyra Zuck wanted to do another trade! here are these beauties!






 Magic Molly Socks!   by  Danita Sanders    

         Molly playing in the Mayday Sunshine in her new socks under a Rowan tree!







Helen Griffin made these wonderful blue socks.

They are made from Chroma Superwash.

Helen is a member of the

 Big Apple Knitters Guild.  




To see more of Helens  fiber work click here.







Thanks! Jo Ellen Burton!

 "The knitting needles came today! I love them! They are absolutely beautiful!"

Wow!  Green Socks! I love the socks too! 

 She is at





The Autumn Crocus are blooming-   

Ariel Altaras, these are  Wonderful socks!

The green is hand spun, and the purple is Knitpics


Her blog:



Lilith Green!

These are fantastic socks!!!

and all the way from Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland

 to Lopez Island!

 Made from Cherry Tree Hill "Blueberry Hill"

   Lilith's blog:




Katie Powers                       

                      Warm & fuzzy!

Here is her blog link




Lori Fincham from Homer, Alaska

Wonderful knitmanship! Beautifully turned heel.        

Her blog link




 Wonderful pattern and color by Valerie Webster.



Cable knit and comfy socks

by Dicksie House.

Made with Mountain Colors Bearfoot Midnight Sapphire colorway.



Ribbed alpaca blend by Linda Milton.

                                                                      John gets these. They are ever so soft!



Wonderful Fair Isle patterned yarn

by Sarah Mackey of Canada.



Lori Ell made these great green socks. 


Very nice details on these!




Dorothy Waite made these

wonderful soft socks.



            Anne Hanson's lovely checker patterned socks.



Thank you all!

please email Molly for further details

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