Design Your Own Celtic Knots


Molly's Magic Method

The Easy Way To


You'll design Celtic knots as easily as cutting a paper snowflake.

You don't need to draw well to create beautiful Celtic Knots, Borders, and even 3-D Celtic Knots. Other methods have you use grids and complicated drafting.   Molly's Method is so easy because you'll just use paper folding and cutting to design your knots. All you need is some foldable paper, a pencil with an eraser, and a pair of small sharp scissors. There are only a few simple rules to remember.

This easy to follow work-book is a course which takes you step by step.
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Teachers love the book, but kids will be able to teach themselves with this book.
 Your book comes with Free online support- Molly would love to chat about your project.


Molly invented this method in 1986 to create the interlacing patterns like the ones used by the Norse and Celts.

You'll be able to use your knots for decorating your art and craft, and you'll find many uses for your creations.

People are using Molly's Magic Method to design their: 

Costumes for Irish Dance and S.C.A.,  for quilts , knitting, weaving, needle point, embroidery, batik, rug hooking, carving stone and wood, etching glass and metalwork and engraving, block printing, tooled leather work, pottery, tattoo, graphic design, architectural  painting, landscaping traditional knot herb gardens, and teaching Waldorf students.


 I'm sure you'll be able to use Molly's Magic for your applied art projects. Your knots are Art in themselves- You can matte and frame them. New! Now Available as an eBook on CD, and also as a download from this website.





Hand lettered,

 Self Published,

 Hand Illustrated,


 Hand Printed

and Bound.


120 pages,

5 1/2" X 8 1/2"

comb bound to lay flat.

Teach Ages 7 through Adult.



    isbn 0-9706129-19





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 Now Available on  a CD as an eBook  $14.00

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Table of Contents

Gallery of Knots




Thank you Molly!
I just want to acknowledge your discovery and that you share it with us all.  You probably understand the frustration of many an inspired artist on a beautiful knot or pattern - only to discover that it is copyrighted! 
What you have done is open up more creativity channels for me!   

Vanessa in California




I purchased your book back in the summer and loved creating the knots with paper in the summer classes.


I was invited to teach the Celtic knot project to 4 classes at the Lowry High School (130 students) in Winnemucca, Nevada.  The results were great, the kids enjoyed the challenge of the project and were planning on doing more.

This technique has worked with all ages of students here in Nevada. So far, first graders, to high schoolers, to adults, college art classes and quilters. Thanks Molly for a great little book

Sherry Harig






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