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Knitting Needles


Molly & John Swan Sheeran



Molly hammers the Bronze, Silver and Gold-

 like a blacksmith hammers on iron-

while it is red hot.


Every pair has a unique pattern.

The twisted pattern is only the last several inches

of the shaft, and is hot forged into the solid Bronze.


These are all nice quality real stones- never glass, crystal or synthetics.

The yarn stops are set just the way two good finger rings would be.

 Sizes # 1, 3, 6, 8 and 10


Size #3 and 6 are 12 inches long,

while size #1, 8 and 10 are 10 inches.


We finish them by hand to a mirror shine

so the yarn glides on them.



Size 6 Knitting Needles

Bronze with Sterling Silver settings

12 inches long

set with Malachite







plus $7.60 shipping, tracked & insured

Size 6 set with Malachite




     We made  these

exceptional all-sterling silver

size #6 needles. They are set with

10mm 'rose cut' faceted Amethysts in

triangle settings.

as seen in Vogue Knitting Holiday issue.




I have other beautiful rose-cut stones I can set in silver or bronze needles for you.



 plus $22.60 shipping by

    Express Mail Insured


 Here is  a pair of Rose Quartz Needles, Size 6

$55.00 plus $7.60 shipping

to order a pair now  


in Size 8  70.00

plus $7.60 shipping





We have many stones on hand to set on knitting needles for you!

I order new stones all the time, and can special order them for your knitting needles.

If you have a favorite color I can suggest stones you might like.

Carnelian size 6 Needles

 $55 plus $7.60 shippping

Carnelian Size 8 Needles  $70 plus $7.60 shipping



Green paua are brighter color than pictured.

I also have paua in blue, purple or gold (specify choice)

$55.00 plus $7.60 shipping


To a order a pair now  


A pair of Size #8 needles with Paua Shell is $70.00 plus $7.60 shipping

Order a a pair now



our precious metals are 100% recycled ~ no new mined metal

guaranteed conflict free Diamonds



Size 8 set with Lapis Lazuli

You can order a set of needles like these in size 8 for $85.00 plus $7.60 sipping


A pair of Size 6 needles set with Lapis are

$70.00    plus  $7.60 sipping



Order a pair set with Green Aventurine

Size 6    $55

plus $7.60 sipping

Size 8   $70

plus $7.60 sipping



Order a pair set with Tigers Eye

Size 6   $55  plus $7.60 sipping

Size 8     $70  plus $7.60 sipping



Size 6 set with Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise

You can order a set of needles like these for $145.00 plus $7.60 shipping.



Size 8 set with Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise

You can order a set of needles like these for $160.00 plus $7.60 shipping.



We can set many different precious stones.

Yes, we set

Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubys

and other stones too- please inquire.






14 karat Gold

Two  matched  

1/4  carat Diamonds



4.5mm round ~ Diamond certificate included  (G H SI)


14 kt Gold tube settings & 14 kt Gold & Sterling Silver

forged and twisted

Sterling Silver Shafts.  12 " long.



size  #6   Knitting Needles




plus shipping by Priority Mail Express, insured

for $58


For international shipping,

or any questions

please inquire


Orders of multiple things will have consolidated shipping





6mm faceted stones are also available in tube settings  as

seen below with sapphires.


These can be made for you

with bronze shafts or sterling silver shafts.





and Sterling




We also have Tigers Eye, Hematite, Unikite, Snowflake Obsidian, Red Jasper, Rhodonite,

and a variety of other stones available to set on size 6 or 8 needles.

Specify which stones you would like when you order.

Size 6     plus $7.60 sipping

Type of stone



Size 8      $70.00

plus $7.60 sipping

Type of stone




 If you would like size 6 needles entirely made from Sterling Silver

set with cabochons they are $376.00 plus shipping

These can be set with any of our standard stones.

(those which are $55 with bronze)

Inquire for other stones


Price subject to precious metal price changes.


A set of all sterling silver needles with

cabochon settings in size 3 are $342.00




Lets talk about your dream knitting needle design!


"Fiber Tools as Pretty as Jewels

     ~ and very Functional too!"




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