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Hi Molly!
My needles came in the mail today!...they are wonderful. I really like the weight and feel in my hand. You do such a good job.
I just wanted to thank you and let you know they arrived.


Just a quick note to say the pins arrived in wonderful condition and I
am so thrilled. They are absolutely gorgeous. I only hope my knitting
can hold up its end of the work! I shall tell everyone that they came
from the Celtic Swan. And how neat is a penannular broach? Thank you
again.          Sally W.


Dear Molly-
I received the brooch, and it is absolutely perfect!  It looks stunning with my outfit for the clan dinner.  Thank you so much!


No.......i have a dear friend who went starry eyed when she saw mine, so i am going to get the #1s for her. The #3s are for me.
I am amazed at the rich feel this gives to the knitting process. My wristwarmers/gauntlets are just gliding off the needles, and I feel like a queen when using these.

take Care



I received the package on Saturday.   Oh, my!  Such loveliness!  The shawl pin is so beautiful.  I can't wait to wear it!  I also plan on starting some socks this week on those delicious needles.  Of course, the socks will have to be cabled, since I just won't feel satisfied unless I get to use the cable needle, too.  <grin>
Thank you so much for the swap.  And remember, if there's ever a pair of socks that you have to have, let me know and I'll slap them right on the needles for you.


Dear Molly, the needles arrived yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I can’t put them away in my needle case yet, they are so special I just keep walking by them and giving them little strokes.


Thank you so very much. 





Hi Molly,
They're here!  They arrived on Wednesday, and they're so beautiful!  I'm taking a skein of sock yarn to work with me today, so that I can cast on and start knitting with the new needles during my breaks.
Thank you so much!



I got'em!!!!  Molly these are the lovliest things I ever saw!!!!
I switched the sock I'm currently working on right over and I love the way they knit!!!
Thank you so much!!!  I'd write more, but I'm busy with my new needles!!! LOL!!!



Oh Molly.
 My needles arrived late yesterday and they are truly exquisite!!!! I have never in my life seen such beautiful knitting needles. I will treasure them forever as will my daughter who loves to knit as well. I must have more!! You are a very talented lady and I admire your work.

Have a great night,


They're gorgeous!! I don't know how you do it, but they are exquisite! I'll be ordering more soon! 
Thanks so much--Deb


Dear Molly and John,
     I received the package today here in San Francisco, the items are even lovelier than I could have imagined.  I don't think that anything I craft with them will be as beautiful. I just want to stare at them.  THANK YOU both for your creativity and craftsmanship.




I just got the needles in the mail and they are gorgeous! I can't wait
to start knitting with them. Thank you!

-- Rachel


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 for such kind praise!





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