designed and hand wrought



Celtic Swan Forge

 Crochet Hooks

 sizes (B through K)


First I heat solid Sterling Silver

 or 14 Karat Gold until it's red hot,

 then I hammer it on an anvil into its own unique shape.



While it's still red hot, I twist the
handles into an unlimited variety of


I forge a table at the proper balance point.





Using the tools and
techniques of fine jewelry-making,
I hammer the shaft to the proper
gauge and cut, file and shape the
hook. They are all about six inches long.

The size (B through K) is stamped
into the bottom of the table.


I mark it "Sterling"

and sign the piece.

I hand-buff the entire tool using
different compounds
to a mirror finish so the
yarn glides easily across it.

They are bright and attractive,
as well as pleasant to touch and hold.





Sterling Silver Crochet Hook Prices:


size B



size C


size D


size E


size F


size G


size H

   $ 139.00  

size I

$ 156.00 

size J


size K

 $ 161.00  




Hand Forged

Sterling Silver

 3" long

size "E"

'pick-up' Crochet Hook










Sterling Silver Sets

Celtic Swan Forge

Hand Wrought



Example of a Sterling Silver Matched Set

sizes "F" thru "K"


Your choice,

a matched set

or each a unique design.


 Another example of a

 Set of ten sizes b - k  Crochet Hooks


 plus our gifts to you...  

I will include a  complementary Sterling Silver Yarn Needle to complete the set of ten sizes,

And a red leatherette and satin fine jewelry presentation box to hold it all. 




14kt Gold Crochet Hooks



Solid 14 KT. Gold  Regular Crochet Hooks


B  $1381

 C  $1381
D  $1381
E $1798             
F  $2300

G  $2300
H  $3754


"Golden Bullion Hooks"

      size 3.5mm > 4.5mm   6.5 inches

Forged Eye for hanging on chain or yarn.  

 size "2 mm."  



 My Gold supplier is environmentally


They only refine 're-cycled' rather then new mined Gold.

 We like that!

"I use the utmost care in workmanship
   and the selection of materials -
     I guarantee it. "

 please write to me at


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