Celtic Brooch



Hand Made   Hot Forged

Sterling Silver    Bronze    14kt or 18kt Gold


Molly Swan-Sheeran

Bronze Celtic Brooch



This  Bronze Brooch is 2 1/4" by 2"




plus $7.60 shipping by first class mail tracked & insured


Order a heavy weight bronze brooch now









  3/4 inches by

Light Weight Sterling Silver Brooch

                                                1 1/2 "

$74.00 .0

0plus $7.60 shipping          

by first class mail, tracked & insured.

Order a Light Weight Sterling Silver brooch similar to this one.





   This kind of fastener is a traditional "Penannular Brooch",

These were inspired by the ones worn by

the ancient Celts and Norse. 

This was a secure way to fasten clothing

before buttons were invented.


This size brooch is about

2  1/8" by 1 3/4"


plus $7.60 shipping by first class mail, tracked & insured

Order a medium weight sterling silver brooch.



To fasten the brooch you first push the straight pin

in and out of the fabric.

and swivel the circle so that the end slides under the point of the pin.


It is a wonderful and attractive way to fasten scarves,

shawls and sweaters today as it was for the capes

and cloaks of the Celts and Norse.

You can even lock a woven purse closed with it,

use one as a belt buckle on a sash.


   As handy as a safety pin.



Heavy Weight Sterling Silver Brooch

for $156.00 plus $10 shipping

It will be about 3 1/2" wide, and of a heavier (#6 gauge) Sterling Silver




We make some very fancy special-order

Celtic brooches with faceted stones set in 'bezel' settings.

Write to me and I can tell you what stones I have right now.





Alexandrite is Purple

when illuminated by inside lighting,

 and magically changes

to a dark Royal Blue in daylight.

These alexandrites are lab-created stones.




Molly demonstrates a brooch in this short video

"The more fabric you gather on the pin

the tighter it fastens."


"I make each one-of-a-kind clothing fastener using a

I custom make brooches set with many choices of precious

and semi-precious stones and I'll make one especially for you.   


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