Cable Needles

Sterling Silver & Bronze


hand wrought  by

Molly  Swan-Sheeran





Order a set like this now.

plus $7.60 shipping

first class mail, tracked & insured




Bronze come in sets of three:

sizes# 1, 3, & 6

about 2 1/2" long


 You can order them made to match

the pattern on knitting needles (DP's or pairs)

if you order them together!

Just let me know.

"I received my cable needles and they are more beautiful

 than I imagined. True pieces of art"...thanks Kate in Illinois





Sterling Silver Cable Needle Set

includes sizes #0, #1, and #2


plus $10 shipping, tracked & insured



Sterling Silver Cable Needle

size #3


plus $7.60 shipping, tracked & insured



Sterling Silver Cable Needle

size #6


plus $7.60 shipping, tracked & insured






I can make other styles of cable needles on request.

I can make one to match your silver or bronze

DP or pair of needles ordered at the same time.


"I'm highly delighted, the needles are nothing short of excellent,

the points are the best I've ever seen, and the detail is just amazing."  Gail in the UK



I include a card with each purchase

explaining how I make my work-

good for gift giving to a Knitter!


I can custom make cable needles for you

in any style. Just ask!



please email:


 "They're not only extremely beautiful, but very functional

and I love both the shape and size of the needle.  "...

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and we'll give you a call back if you'd like.

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         Molly and John

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