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We have started a brand new web page! We will be offering our work that is everything we make that are not "fiber tools" here.


We are now working on a collection of

Fine Silver Baby Feeding Spoons.



 Fine Silver Baby Spoon
 set with an
 Amethyst cabochon
 the February birth stone.


       .999 is pure Silver & the very best for the Baby.
 Made to use!  5" long          $145.           SOLD 
I poured a molten ingot of Fine Silver, (.999 pure silver) and then hammer formed it into a spoon at the anvil. I did this while the silver was red hot. Because it is forged from one ingot~ it is easy to wash after feeding.

Fine silver is softer then Sterling Silver which contains copper. This spoon uses a generous amount of silver for mass. The hammering hardening process "packs" the silver and makes a durable spoon. Fine Silver has no copper in it so is not prone to tarnish.

We will make one for any month you'd like. We can monogram a lower case initial in 14kt Gold wire inlayed in top of the handle for you~ if you'd prefer that to a stone.






Molly just finished this

"January" Silver Baby Spoon


Forged from~ 3/4 ounce of .999 Fine Silver  it is 4" long.

and set with a very beautiful Rose Cut Garnet the January birth stone.


This comes with a non-tarnish silver bag. Presentation boxes available.


We are buying our Rose Cut Stones from a Dutch stone dealer in Hong Kong. She is getting great quality & cutting.

Stones are set in a Fine Silver bezel.


This is a large Sterling Silver Serving Spoon that I recently made and delivered.

 I set 2 green rose cut Phrenites and a rose cut Moonstone.  





~ Please check back for more of our Sterling Silver


 and Jewelry here soon!


Hand made - Hot forged
   Solid Bronze, Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, 14k & 18k Gold,
Precious Stones & Bone


We are Molly and John Swan Sheeran. We're a husband and wife studio Arts and Craft business.

We hand make every thing by hand. We do all the work ourselves.

We design, hand hammer, hand finish and sign every thing we make.


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We ship everything by First Class Mail. In the US we ship your things tracked and insured.

 Outside the US we do not insure or track your items.

The shipping is the same amount outside the US, and you can use our Paypal links to order.

These amounts are added by Paypal. If you wish to send a check or money order, please remember to add shipping.

  We ship in about 3 to 4 weeks. Each piece is entirely hand made by either John or Molly

 (sometimes by both of us!)   We make each item when we get your order.

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Question? Give us a call.  360-468-3168

Just email and include your phone number

and we'll give you a call back if you'd like.

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